Picture of my Firethorn Red 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

1966 Chevelle Pictures

I’ve loved the ‘66 Chevelle from the first time that I saw a drawing of one in Hot Rod magazine back in high school. I just had to get one, but couldn’t find one when searching for my first car.

I found this one a few years after getting my license. It originally was a 230 cid 6-cylinder with a column shifted 3-speed manual. Well that got old real fast!

My plan was to someday swap in a V-8 and maybe a 4-speed. Well a cracked block expedited the engine swap and eventually I installed a 4-speed…from a Vega!

I originally purchased a “built” 350 from an acquaintance, however that motor didn’t last too long and he was nowhere to be found. I located a 283 from another ‘66 Chevelle, rebuilt it (with help) and dropped it in.

I had the car for a few years until I enlisted in the USAF. I had my parents sell the car. I thought it was smart at the time, but I miss that car. I guess I’ll have to find another one some day, but being a Pontiac guy now, I’d probably opt for a 455! Why not, the Chevy guys drop small block Chevy’s in everything, so turnabout is fair play!